First Presbyterian Church Spring Hill

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Sunday Schedule:

8.30 am Choir Practice in Sanctuary

9.00 am Bible Study: Four classes: Pre-K to 2nd Grade; 3rd-6th Grade; Middle & High-School; Adult

10.00 am Service

Our Worship is "Relaxed Traditional"...

Our traditions open doors to new expressions of God’s grace without the anxiety of striving after novelty in worship. People laugh, people can be moved to tears of sorrow and joy, and people even applaud the efforts of children and adults to enhance our worship experience. We believe worship is not a right conferred upon the worthy, but an act of the grace of Jesus Christ for those that trust in Him.

We welcome all God's children to His table...

We love welcoming new friends to our church and are happy to share His table with all of His children. Our sanctuary features rows and sections suitable for every size of family or individuals. Babysitting service and Sunday School for Pre-K and K-age children are available (in normal times). Reserved parking is available alongside the church on Ferguson Rd and the nearby side entrance features a wheelchair accessible ramp. We are happy  to provide a  ride to and from service with a little notice. Please let us know how we can help enable you to join us and enjoy your visit!

We are located in the heart of Spring Hill's history and future...

We located at the heart of Sporing Hill's historic downtown area at 5344 Main Street opposite Spring Hill Elementary and next to Ferguson Hall the historic landmark anchoring the future Kedron Square development.  With nearby access to Main St., Duplex Road and Saturn Parkway, few Spring Hill residents need more than 15 minutes to get here.


Like the world around us, we are always changing...

Our church added over twenty new members just last year while we continue to enjoy the fellowship of families who have worshipped with us for generations. As Spring Hill changes, so do we. Our membership and church leadership reflects the dynamically changing demographics of our community, We constantly seek his guidance in how to hold on the best of the past and welcome the good of the new. Join us in this exciting time!

We study his word...

Bible study groups meet each Sunday at 9am before service (10am) in the Fellowship Hall behind the Sanctuary for the "mature" and in the Education Wing for the "younger" members. 

Bible School is provided to our K-grade children and Babysitting is available for Pre-K. 

Celebrate our faith...

We have resumed normal Sunday service, now at 10am.  Masks are recommended for those not vaccinated. A video recording of the sermon is posted and shared through the newsletter. Please subscribe at the top of the page.

And share life....

Family is an important word in our congregation. We nourish it by worshipping together,  studying  His word together and doing charitable works together.  We enjoy a monthly bruncheon in the Fellowship Hall, a monthly luncheon, an annual Wienerfest, retreats at NaCoMe, Vacation Bible School and any number of occasions - good or bad - as family.  In times of struggle or grief, we pull together. Don't be surprised if the phone rings off the hook or you're inundated with food.

Our Pastor Chris and Session members are always only a phone call away.

If you need a ride to church, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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5344 Main Street, Spring Hill, TN

Please only use the below PO Box for mail!

Mailing Address


SPRING HILL TN 37174-2446



(931) 486-2642